"I have but one candle of life to burn, and I would rather burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with light." --- JK Falconer

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here at AIM!

Malachi 1:11

Hello everyone.

We made it to NY.

We spent two nights in Washington DC on our way to Pearl River NY (just across the New Jersey/NY border). We took a fast tour of the National Mall, seeing the Capitol, Washington Monument, Lincoln and WWII Memorials, and the National Air and Space Museum as well as several statutes along the way. We saw four helicopters land on the green in front of the White House (go tax dollars!!). And Drew took 172 pictures and 8 videos in ONE day! I'll try to post one or two to give you a (tiny) flavor.

We arrived here in Pearl River on Monday. Its been a whirlwind of an introduction to AIM (Africa Inland Mission). The people have been great. There are daily testimonies about how God has been working in everyone's life and the stories are pretty amazing. We've several choices in terms of potential mission fields and are praying that God would help narrow it down for us (preferably to 1 :). Some of the options include Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Namibia, and Uganda.

Our main prayer requests continue to be a clear vision for our future steps and that the boys would be able to adjust and thrive wherever we end up.

We also hope you will pray and consider coming to visit us once we get where we're going!

Love from the Robertsons, Cari, Andy, Drew, and Tony.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

AIM candidate school

We're headed to school! Well, actually it's just a one week conference at AIM headquarters in NY. But we are excited. It is the first step in deciding if AIM is a good fit for us as a missions agency. They meet and evaluate us and we meet and evaluate them. We also get valuable information regarding working as a full-time missionary: preparations, sending churches, friend-raising, saying goodbyes, adjusting to other cultures, etc. We will be going as a family - staying in Washington, DC for a couple nights on our way up (we are driving). For those of you who have been supporting us in prayer and on our other trips, we would love to have your continued prayer support as we head into this conference. We are asking God to direct our steps. I am really challenging myself to be attentive to Him - listening to all He wants me to hear. And I know that I will need help with that! Especially since I let the boys and the world drown out His voice. Also, Andy has been sick - first with H1N1 and now with a nasty cold. Please pray we all stay healthy for this week, especially. I know many of you are dealing with sickness, too. Please let us know if there are specific ways we could be praying for you! I am hoping to spend some serious time with God next week, so I would be happy to bring your requests before Him:)