"I have but one candle of life to burn, and I would rather burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with light." --- JK Falconer

Saturday, July 16, 2011

West Virginia

Ok - here we are in WV. In Morgantown - a beautiful city. But the time we have to explore is very small. I managed to plan for much of our time here so that we spend little time actually in the city (including a week of camp for Drew in Wisconsin - see above photo)! Which has been okay since the apartment we have is quite small. It works, but I miss floor space for the boys. We did manage to get downtown today to enjoy Kid's day. This was a lot of fun - free activities and games. If you have ever seen You've Got Mail, it reminded me a lot of the scene when Tom Hanks takes the two kids to the fall festival on the streets of New York. On top of that, we got to speak French with an Aftrican mom who was in line behind us for the sno-cones. She was from Burkina Faso and her husband is currently in Togo. Too fun.

And I should mention that Andy's class is going well. He is enjoying the class - learning lots end hearing many inspiring stories. We've also made some friends with folks who have been in some really amazing places...and who are going to some really amazing places. There is even a family here who has been studying French in Quebec. Great to see boys Drew's age speaking French! This is what we are hoping for ourselves by the end of next year.

And our fundraising updates?
Monthly support: 81%
Outgoing support: 105%
And just today we got clearance to get our plane tickets. So we go ahead with our plans, stepping out in faith that the rest of the support will come in. Thank you to all who have given this past month. Our extra in the outgoing support is a great thing to have.

We hope you are all enjoying your summers! Plenty of sun to be had.
In Christ,

ps. No, the photo is not of WV. It is of Albertville where we plan to be in 6 weeks!

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